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We are trusted supply chain advisors enabling business leaders to achieve sustainable financial growth by transforming their supply chain.

Our founding principles:
Managing the supply chain effectively is critical to sustainability and growth.
All businesses can be set up for supply chain success and develop the capabilities to achieve excellence; it is not the exclusive preserve of large corporates.
Creating an environment where supply chain excellence is inevitable is as much about people as it is about process and technology.
Applying innovative analysis with practical insight can define the scope and scale of opportunity for any business.
The challenges to supply chain excellence are many and varied; coherent, data-driven analytics provide a compass in the face of uncertainty, turbulence, and increasingly demanding environments.


‘a condition, degree, amount or compromise that produces the best possible result’

‘most favourable or advantageous; best’
Collins English Dictionary - Online

Calum Lewis

Founder and Principal Consultant
Calum has extensive experience in leading businesses and delivering exceptional operational and financial performance. With the LEGO Group, he embedded best practice supply chain management to drive five-fold sales growth in the UK/Ireland market whilst supporting LEGO’s climb to No 1 UK Toy Supplier. More recently, with responsibility for planning and inventory management across EMEA, he enhanced the capability and effectiveness of managing supply to around 80 countries in the region.

Recognised for his clear insight on core issues and not being afraid to challenge prevailing thinking or ways of working, he is highly skilled at implementing innovative approaches to supply chain management. Calum believes it is now more critical than ever to combine creative and analytic thinking to make innovation happen.

Creating OP2MA, he sees no reason small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) should not have access to the ‘large corporate’ expertise and know-how that can transform supply chains to drive sustainable growth. The OP2MA team love working out what makes businesses tick, how they can improve, and applying pragmatic solutions. They believe that SMEs are critical for the economic prosperity and well-being of the communities in which they operate and are passionate about helping businesses grow and thrive.

Our Consultants

Our consultants have worked across all dimensions of the supply chain and in many sectors. We work flexibly, on an assignment basis, to align the most relevant skill set and experience to our clients. All our consultants have held significant line management roles as well as having excellent track records in delivering transformational supply chain performance.
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