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Logistics Network Optimisation

Optimal logistics network design minimises inventory carrying, warehousing, and transportation costs whilst satisfying customer response-time requirements. If left unchecked, over time, adjustments and additions to the existing network may have compromised efficiency and effectiveness and allowed distribution costs to consume an increasing proportion of revenue.
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"OP2MA played a crucial role in responding to the immediate challenges brought on by the Covid pandemic and the subsequent reshaping of our operations and depot network in order to deliver material cost savings for the long-term."
Andrew Hogley
British Wool

What we do

The network needs to serve and support future business plans and possible growth scenarios. Our review will assess the current logistics network alongside new options, taking account of:
Current network configuration; the number of sites, storage methods, order assembly and distribution approaches including any cross-dock operations
Product flows and replenishment cycles
Order fulfilment parameters and expectations
Scale of business growth and potential diversification
Volume split across customer channels and geographies
Expected design life of any revised solutions
Restructuring costs
Along with evaluating current site capabilities, our review will estimate the potential costs and benefits of change together with the associated risks. A roadmap indicating the transition steps in moving from current to optimal can also be prepared in support of creating a compelling business case.

The Result

A comprehensive logistics network review and re-design can:
Increase overall supply chain resilience
Support agile responses to meet future scenarios
Reduce operating costs and capital requirements
Enhance customer service through better product availability and order lead times
Increase sales and improve profitability

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