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Logistics Outsourcing

Logistics operations are often not a core capability of a business and it may be, that as the business grows, existing activities are likely overstretched and act as a hindrance rather than a help. When looking to outsource logistics functions it is important that a robust procurement process is in place and that the ground is set for an effective relationship.
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"OP2MA played a crucial role in responding to the immediate challenges brought on by the Covid pandemic and the subsequent reshaping of our operations and depot network in order to deliver material cost savings for the long-term."
Andrew Hogley
British Wool

What we do

Our approach follows a structured framework and includes:
Defining the scope of the operations to be outsourced and how these should interface with continuing activities
Documenting requirements and expected performance levels
Collating all relevant information and data for the invitation to tender documents
Conducting tender appraisal and benchmarking, and selecting service provider(s)
Supporting contractual negotiations and agreement
Planning migration to the new operational set up

The Result

The key benefits from outsourcing logistics include:
Lower overall cost, mainly through shared use and achieving economies of scale not available to individual businesses
Adjusting fixed and variable costs, with cost more tightly related to activity
Improving flexibility and speed of response
Reducing capital investment
Accessing management expertise
Limiting systems investment and ongoing development to core functions and avoiding the need to operate logistics related IT systems

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