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Supply Chain Risk

Managing risk in the supply chain is difficult and time consuming; it can be overlooked until too late. Resilience to disruptive events needs to be built on a rigorous understanding of dependencies and vulnerabilities. Internal ways of working may either mitigate or compound risk in the value chain; a coherent assessment will identify priorities to be addressed with supply chain partners.
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"OP2MA played a crucial role in responding to the immediate challenges brought on by the Covid pandemic and the subsequent reshaping of our operations and depot network in order to deliver material cost savings for the long-term."
Andrew Hogley
British Wool
Reducing supply chain risk

What we do

Our OP2MA Risk Diagnostic takes a systematic approach to evaluating macroenvironment, value chain and internal operational risk. It can help form a critical action plan with a focus on key components and situations with limited alternatives. When and where appropriate, we can step change capability with the use of advanced analytics from our AI partner in risk management.

Risks can compound and create significant disruption to supply chain operations. Combining the OP2MA Process Diagnostic allows the interaction of internal and external risks to be comprehensively assessed.

The Result

Now more than ever, supply chain risk management is essential to preventing issues and mitigating losses when events do occur. Benefits include:
Maintaining operations when issues arise
Ability to respond to unexpected events
Early detection of risk through effective communication
Stimulating good practice across the supply chain
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