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Our team of highly experienced supply chain consultants will work with your business to understand your current  challenges, and develop an actionable plan to ensure your supply chain is optimised and robust in order to continue to meet your financial targets.

Here’s just a sample of some of the challenges our consultants can help you to resolve:
Increasing costs and disruption: need to adapt supply chains in light of cost pressures and disruption to extended supply lines.
Service problems including struggling with inventory availability: need to plan better to increase service levels and manage inventory/working capital
Growing business: need to develop supply chain capabilities as volumes grow
Operating model: need to re-assess operating locations in light of Brexit, how to operate in both UK and EU as efficiently as possible
Sustainability: drive to review supply chains in light of ESG commitments
"OP2MA played a crucial role in responding to the immediate challenges brought on by the Covid pandemic and the subsequent reshaping of our operations and depot network in order to deliver material cost savings for the long-term."
Andrew Hogley
British Wool

What do I get with OP2MA Supply Chain Consultants?

OP2MA will help you to achieve transformational results by optimising your Supply Chain. We do this via our proven OP2MA methodology.

Supply chain excellence is about achieving the right balance between Service, Cost, and Capital, to ensure return on investment for a chosen strategy. The OP2MA approach positions operational performance for success.

With OP2MA you will get a dedicated Supply Chain consultant who will use the OP2MA methodology to show you where your business performance and supply chain capabilities are versus benchmarks, what specific areas of your organisation you need to target for change, and how to deliver a tangible improvement in your business performance and financial KPIs for sustainable growth.
Supply chain excellence balances service, cost and capital
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OP2MA Methodology PDF

OP2MA Methodology

Supply chain excellence means achieving the right balance between Service, Cost, and Capital, to ensure return on investment for a chosen strategy. OP2MA is a structured, systematic approach that gears operational performance for success.

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